Mission Statement

Explosion records the development of naval firepower, the history of Priddy’s Hard and the working lives of those who worked here; and explores the human experience of those whose lives have been touched by naval operations in peace and war. Our vision:

  • The full story of the Navy's armament and supply should be honoured and in the public eye.
  • The history of Priddy’s Hard and the people involved are a vital part of that story.
  • Explosion aims to be the pre-eminent national and international centre of historical expertise in naval warfare.

Our mission:

  1. To preserve the historical collections and buildings in our care for current and future generations through conservation, interpretation and public access.
  2. To constantly improve knowledge and understanding of the collections through education and research.
  3. To present the themes and stories of Explosion! to the broadest audience, in an engaging, enjoyable and stimulating context.
  4. To provide a high level of service to customers which exceeds their expectations and creates a memorable experience that they wish to repeat.
  5. To maximise income from operations and fund raising in order to reduce reliance on subsidies and to underpin future development of the museum.

This mission can be summarised as follows:

  • To preserve and interpret
  • To educate and research
  • To engage and stimulate
  • To exceed expectations
  • To maximise income

Our pledge: Explosion is committed to observing and complying with the Code of Ethics for Museums (2002) compiled by the Museums Association. According to this Code, society can expect the museum to:

  • Hold the collections in trust on behalf of societyFocus on public service
  • Encourage people to explore the collections for inspiration, learning and enjoyment
  • Consult and involve our communities, users and supporters
  • Acquire items honestly and responsibly
  • Safeguard the long-term public interest in the collections
  • Recognise the interests of people who made, used, owned, collected or gave items in the collections
  • Support the protection of natural and human environments
  • Research, share and interpret information related to the collections, reflecting diverse views
  • Review performance to innovate and improve

Our focus: Thus the focus of Explosion is: Preserving and interpreting the collections and heritage of Priddy’s Hard to offer a learning, stimulating and enjoyable visitor experience for all.

Owned and operated by Portsmouth Naval Base Property Trust
A Charitable Company Limited by guarantee registered in England No 1959490
Charity Registration No 293188  VAT Registration No 780 8538 94
Registered Office: 19 College Road, HM Naval Base, Portsmouth PO1 3LJ
Directors: R T Bishop, Ms M Cohen, Mrs M Foster, Mrs T Hall, P Marriott, Rear Admiral Neil Rankin CB CBE,
M Ridley, T J L Roberton, H Siegle, Sir Colin Stansfield Smith CBE

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