Specialist Tours

The Museum has a number of additional options for groups that can enhance a normal visit to the Museum.

In addition to a tour of the galleries groups can choose to visit an additional Museum area as part of a special ‘behind the scenes tour’ to our reserve collection or buildings. This would involve a guided led tour of the selected area followed by a standard visit to the Museum. The ‘behind the scenes’ tours are led by Museum volunteers and last for approx 30 - 45 minutes.
The Museum can also supply Tea and Coffee on arrival within the Museum Coffee Shop, a buffet lunch can also be served here for your group.

These specialist tour options must be booked in advance and cannot be requested on the day of your visit. The Museum asks that you inform us of your requirements at least four weeks before the day of your visit.


All inclusive option includes:

  • Standard Museum Visit to Public Galleries
  • Additional Tour of Museum Reserve Collection or Buildings, led by Museum Volunteers
  • Tea/Coffee on arrival or with Lunch in the Museum Coffee Shop
  • Finger Buffet Lunch in Museum Coffee Shop

Price £16.00 per person (£13.00 per person for seniors)

The area’s to explore include:

C Magazine:
A Victorian Explosives Vault that was used by munitions workers at Priddy’s Hard. Tours to this building also include a walking talk on the early origins of Priddy’s Hard, including the Ramparts and Laboratory working area’s.

Building 309:
Building 309 contains a variety of weapons systems not on display in the main Museum. The building is home to the Polaris missile, a two-stage solid-fuel nuclear-armed submarine-launched ballistic missile. Other items on display include the Spearfish Torpedo and a Mark 10 anti Submarine Mortar.

The Museum Armoury:
The Museum has a purpose built stronghold within our site that is home to the finest collection of hand weapons and small arms in Hampshire. If your group are keen enthusiasts, book a tour of our Armoury and see rare pistols, machine guns and John Wayne’s favourite rifle. Rare guns include a Winchester Rifle 73, several pistols that were surrendered by the German fleet at Scapa Flow in 1918 and a set of extremely rare Pederson rifles that were trialed by the British army in the 1920s.


Join local Historian, Terry Hinkley, for a walk around the Historic Ramparts at Priddy’s Hard. The Ramparts are part of the early fortifications erected around the town, as an extension of the defences of Portsmouth Harbour. The ‘Gosport Lines’ as they became known, were surrounded by dry moat areas. The walks will include this early history and look at how this area later became an important part of the Priddy’s Hard Ordnance supply depot.


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