Education Sessions

Explosion is now able to offer schools and other pre-booked groups specially tailored packages that link directly to key areas of the National Curriculum. If you would like to book any of these sessions, or find out more information, please contact the Museum. 

Please use the contact us form on the website or telephone 02392 505600.


World War Two Priddys Hard:

Years 4 – 9

£4 per student – based on a class of 30

10:30am – 2:30pm

Using the different objects at Explosion Museum, discover how people in World War Two lived, handle the objects and record them assessing their value as parts of our past. Survive an air raid in our magazine then look at what life would have been like during an attack. Students write letters to their loved ones talking about the attack and their thoughts about this.


Restoration at Explosion:

Years 5 – 11 (also available for years 12 & 13 as a course over a series of 5 weeks please enquire for prices)

£5 per student – based on a class of 30

11 am – 2:30pm

At Explosion conservation of our heritage is a fundamental part of our work. We offer groups of students the chance to interact with some of our primary objects cataloguing and recording them. Students then get the chance to restore one of our historical objects. Students work with one of our specialist team looking at the how the object will be cleaned and resorted before taking part in the objects restoration and having their photograph taken with it. The group will have their class name attached to the object and can follow its progress online as it moves forward.


Outreach – handling / restoration

Years 4 – 13

Explosion can offer your class a chance to handle the past as well a session on how to restore it.

 Using small objects our trained conservator will come into your class with objects from the museum that match the period you are studying talk through handling of them and work on sketching them and enquiring about their purpose and value. Session will last around 1.5 hours.

£70 for the session

For preservation and restoration our conservator will bring in objects that are in need of recovery. They will talk about the importance of preserving the past and the issues with preserving it. They will then give the students an object to clean, record and preserve; writing up their progress throughout the session. Objects can be sourced to fit with Victorian, World War One / Two and Cold War (50’s and 60’s) periods.  Session will last around 2 hours.

£80 for the session

Both sessions £140


Make a film at Explosion:

Year 5 – 11

£4 per student – based on a class of 30

10:30am – 2:30pm

At Explosion we use Chromatography (green screening) to allow students to travel back in time to create a film about the era they are studying. Priddys Hard was constructed in 1771 and was working through the Victorian, World War 1 and 2, and the Cold War. Students can make film trailers or working together over one day make one film that is then watched in our theatre conference room.  Students can use actual artefacts in the handling collection and our costumes to create their film or trailer.


Horror stories at Explosion:

Years 3 – 11

£2 per student based on 30 students for stories workshop – 2hours

£4 per student based on 30 students for full day including film – 10:30am – 2:30pm

Using the spooky atmosphere of the buildings at Priddies Hard students create their own horror stories based on the buildings and the atmosphere that they generate. We build up words with them and look at how to develop their language. This can be achieved individually or as a collective story.

For a full day at the site we look to film one scene from their story.