Screaming Eagles

The Screaming Eagles are a group of guys from all walks of life that have a common interest and passion for the 101st Airborne Division during the Second World War, our aim is too faithfully portray the young Paratroopers who trained and fought in this war during the 1940's. 

We all spend a great deal of time, effort and money to obtain the uniforms and kit from that time period (most of which is original) which we allow us to put on very authentic and accurate Living History Displays at various public/private events.

The Group currently has 55 members and this is ever growing, we can display in various uniforms, M42, M43, MP and A Class and display in a number of scenarios, Combat, Training, Rest Area or Aid Station which can consist of numerous tentage of various designs or just display as much kit as we possibly can.

We take part in battle re-enactments at some of the larger Living History Events where we use blank firing weapons to recreate both a sound and visual effect of a battle scenario, the groups mortars also come into play whereby we can simulate a mortar firing. We also employ military tactics during the battles to try and show how a unit would (for example) advance onto an enemy position, to capture and hold.

All our members are well versed on the subject matter including the History of the unit we portray and all the associated Uniforms, Kit, Weapons, Vehicles, Training and Tactics.


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